Why Adobe Lightroom’s Smart Collection is Good for Photographers

pbn6I have been using Adobe Lightroom for quite some time now and I still get amazed with how the program can help me in processing tons of my images. In addition, I am starting to enjoy adding significant and appropriate keywords, tags, and metadata, to my photos since I also get to search my files easily.

In this article, we will discuss why Adobe Lightroom’s smart collection is good for all photographers.

By using Lightroom’s smart collection, it is very convenient to keep updated of your photos, especially your best Lightroom presets for portraits. The said feature gives you the authority to organize and modify your images based on the keywords, tag and metadata you entered. For you to locate your files easily, it is always best to use unique keyword names.

LR’s smart collection feature also allows you to define a specific criteria of images, which requires you to make a good list of image collection folders.

Listed below are examples of criteria where smart collection can easily detect.

Blurred Images

It’s not a surprise that some folders that contain images can easily get lost without you knowing and blurred shot images are one of the sensitive files. To avoid losing such images, try to be as certain as specific as you can in entering a list of keywords or metadata.

Adobe Lightroom GPS data

If you have been using a camera with a built in GPS unit, organizing or managing images in Lightroom could be troublesome since Lightroom and cameras have different sorting capabilities. Make sure to turn off the GPS data on your camera for a while before importing the images into Lightroom.

Lastly, not every single image in your camera can be defined and search by smart collections in Lightroom, but if you think outside the box, you could make your file searching easy and quickly.


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