What You Should Know About Adobe Lightroom Presets

Oftentimes, we read several articles, tutorials and forums about photographers searching for the best post-processing software. Most of the articles were referring to one of Adobe’s best products called Lightroom as it contains a lot of useful editing features. Adobe Lightroom is a well-known image management tool that aims to provide assistance to professional photographers …

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Why You Should Use Adobe Photoshop Actions

Adobe Photoshop Actions are a set of detailed, documented editing steps which can be played again in the actions palette in Photoshop. It is one of the best features of the newly upgraded Photoshop that is often disregarded by some users. Photoshop Actions can help you save time by using the recorded steps over and …

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Checking Info Parrot’s List of Cool Presets

Info Parrot, your photo-enhancing app online, has a list of cool Lightroom presets for your photos. And mind you, they are free, perfect for the enhancement that you’ve always wanted for your pictures. This list of Info Parrot’s LR presets comes in a bundle also (presets and brushes) as options for the kind of makeover …

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